WPM Latte Art Milk Pitcher

IVY LKY 2016 New York Coffee Fest Latte Art Champion Milk Jug with Sharp Spout

1. Keep researching and developing domestic and commercial coffee machines and related accessories.
2. Keep learning from different barista to improve our product’s quality and create new products.
3. Bring our brand image and concept to different regions and countries.

1. A professional barista and experienced latte art competitor.
2. She shares her competition experience by “Never Stand Still” project.
3. Providing precious ideas and suggestion to improve WPM equipment.

Product features:
1. Maintain the unique outlook of the 1st generation WPM pitcher.
2. Greater Volume: increased to 450ml.
3. Lighter Pitcher: Feel the change of milk flow easier.
4. Wide sharp spout design: Perfect tool for adding layers to a tulip (Latte Art).

WPM Latte Art Milk Pitcher

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